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The Bickford’s Group of Companies has rapidly expanded into International markets across the globe. We currently export to over 34 different countries worldwide. Building strong relationships with local distribution partners and major global retailers has been crucial to the success of Bickford’s products internationally.

For any export enquiries, please contact:

Simon Sparrow
International Sales Manager

VOK Beverages & Bickford’s Australia
162 Cross Keys Road, Salisbury South
South Australia 5106

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  • Bickford's Premium Juice

    The Bickford's Premium Juice range is a high quality selection of beverages based on the increasingly popular super fruits known for their high antioxidant contents and health benefits. Containing no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, the range delivers a delicious, premium juice taste with natural goodness.

  • Bickford and Sons

    Inspired by original beverages created almost 150 years ago, Bickford and Sons’ premium range of classic recipes are proudly crafted in Australia from natural ingredients just as they always have been. Well Played Mr Bickford, carry on.

  • Bickford's Traditional Soda

    Bickford’s range of Traditional Sodas are faithful to traditional recipes developed more than 70 years ago and follow our values of quality handcrafted drinks. Available in 275mL glass bottles, Bickford’s Traditional Sodas are a range of classic non-alcoholic flavours that will appeal to both the young and young at heart.

  • Premium Syrup

    Since 1920 Bickford’s Iced Coffee Syrup has been a beloved favourite, its popularity helping to lay the foundations for Australia’s ongoing love affair with smooth, chilled coffee. This highly concentrated syrup of coffee and chicory essence has won many awards during its near century of production. Bickford’s Iced Coffee Syrup delivers a truly authentic and traditional iced coffee flavour.

  • Classic Juice

    Classic Juice is a full bodied fruit juice which contains all natural fruit, no preservatives, no colours and no artificial flavours. Classic Juice comes in 300mL glass bottles and is available in 4 enticing flavours.

  • Aqua Pura Fruit Splash

    As Australia’s first range of flavoured waters, Aqua Pura Fruit Splash combines our pure still water with a splash of natural true to fruit flavours that refresh and invigorate. Aqua Pura Fruit Splash has been developed for people who wish to increase their daily consumption of water but find the taste of pure unflavoured water a little too bland or boring.

  • Esprit

    The Esprit range of soft drinks has been developed to appeal to a more mature adult palette. Esprit cleverly combines the refreshing taste of real fruit with a less sweet, slightly dry, clean finish. In a range of six popular flavours, Esprit is a genuine adult soft drink that will delight and refresh.

  • Spritz

    Australia's first premium soft drink is back! The Spritz range of flavoured sparkling clear waters continues to over deliver on quality with 100% natural fruit flavour.


  • Andrew Garrett

    The Andrew Garrett range is synonymous with original, approachable and authentic Australian Sparkling Wine. Established in 1983, our flagship Sparkling Shiraz is an iconic Australian Sparkling wine that is enjoyed by many loyal consumers every year.

  • Bearded Lady Bourbon

    Bearded Lady Bourbon hails from 5 Square Mile Distillery in Lawrenceburg Indiana, where in 1847 the process of distilling smooth American Bourbon was perfected. This strong town that has stood tall through tough times inspired our bourbon of unparalleled strength. Like the circus attraction of the same name, the Bearded Lady provokes curiosity and wonder. It has a strength that runs deep, both in liquid and in character.

  • Beenleigh Rum

    Registered in 1884 the heritage-listed Beenleigh Artisan Rum Distillery is Australia’s oldest continually-operating registered Rum distillery. Over 135 years later we’re still crafting small-batch rum the traditional way, at our Distillery on the banks of the Albert River in Eagleby QLD.

  • Beresford

    Established in 1985 in the heart of McLaren Vale, Beresford wines is family-owned and passionately South Australian. Our winemakers apply their extraordinary knowledge and expertise to handcraft wines of celebrated distinction, heroing the individuality and diversity of the McLaren Vale region. Beresford Estate is a 70-acre working vineyard producing award-winning wines of nuanced excellence. Discover the full range of Beresford wines on our website.

  • Black Bottle Brandy

    Produced from Daradillo and Grenache grapes, Black Bottle’s distinctive dark and alluring bottle is matched by its double distilled taste. Pot stilled and aged in oak hogs head for a minimum of two years, Black Bottle Brandy consistently demonstrates quality.

  • Boronia

    Marsala All-uovo is a dessert wine, rich in flavour but not overly sweet, and forms the basis of the Italian confection Zabaglione. In association with Italian culture, Boronia was named after a scented Western Australia wildflower, which itself was named after an Italian botanist, Francesco Borone.

  • Cawsey's

    Cawsey’s, established in 1989 is Australia’s favourite non-alcoholic cocktail brand. The range of syrups and mixers are specifically formulated to be utilised in cocktails to add complexity of flavour and colour, without the need to source multiple ingredients. Made from all natural ingredients including Australian cane sugar each flavour delivers authentic, credible and bar quality cocktail bases.

  • Dr Pilkington

    Made with only the freshest apples, from the sun-dappled orchards of South Australia, Dr. Pilkington's is best served over ice. With its perfectly balanced carbonation and refined acid balance, Dr. Pilkington's Miracle Cider is full of promise.

  • El Toro

    Sourced From Hacienda Capellania Mexico, El Toro Tequila Blanco has the perfect balance of flavour. The subtle Agave Characteristics & light Fresh Flavours form the foundation of well balanced & refreshing mixers, cocktails or simply to be enjoyed neat.

  • Fox Hat Brewing Co.

    Vale Brewing have let the brewing team off the leash, with a new range of brews to be pretty excited about.

  • Galway Pipe

    Galway Pipe is named after Governor Sir Henry Galway, Governor of South Australia between 1914-1920. Governor Galway was a frequent visitor to the winery and on each visit he would conduct a tasting of the finest ‘pipes’ (500Ltr barrels) of port. Whichever pipe was most to his liking was inscribed as ‘Galway’s Pipe’ and that particular blend was used exclusively at Government House.

  • Half Mile Creek

    There’s a place where nothing matters but sunshine, good food, good company and a great glass of Australian wine. This is Half Mile Creek. Showcasing classic varieties sourced from premium grape growing regions across Australia, Half Mile Creek wines are soft, approachable and exceptional quality.

  • Infused Rush

    Infused Rush is a vibrant and refreshing Vodka ready to drink beverage with distinct colours and flavours appealing to the energetic lives of contemporary young adults. Available in deliciously fruity flavours, Infused Rush is definitely a party-starter. Offering a new and unique taste to the vodka RTD market Infused rush is delicious and exciting!

  • Inner Circle Rum

    Inner Circle was the exclusive preserve of Australia’s Colonial Sugar Refining Company’s board of directors and a handful of its prized clients. Even then they were only entitled to the occasional bottle. Despite its limited availability, word of Inner Circle’s unique flavour became legendary- whispered amongst rum enthusiasts world over. Inner Circle is now 100% Australian owned and operated, and is now produced not only for the Inner Circle.

  • Katherine Hills

    Katherine Hills brings you richly balanced, ready to drink varietal wines with full fruit aromatics, delicious palate weight and great length of flavour. Now packaged in the award-winning Lean and Green bottle. Same premium look but 18%-28% lighter, less water, less energy and more freight efficient.

  • Kilt

    Kilt blended scotch whiskey pays tribute to the tradition of Scotland, providing a quality scotch that embodies the true character of the country.

  • Lemon Ed

    Lemon Ed is a brewed hard lemonade crafted by winemakers at Step Road Winery in the highly regarded Langhorne Creek wine region, South Australia. Made using Queensland lemons, Lemon Ed is fermented like a cider to create an easy drinking, refreshing beverage like no other.

  • Olympus Ouzo

    Olympus Ouzo is made using an authentic Ouzo recipe where the distinctive flavour is derived from the seed of the anise plant. Contemporary minimalist packaging is showcased for maximum visual appeal.

  • Queen Adelaide

    Queen Adelaide has been a trusted brand in Australia since 1963. The fresh young face of a distinguished heritage, Adelaide truly is a new Queen for a new era. In 1836, the first settlers arrived in South Australia and the new Governor; Captain John Hindmarsh requested permission to name the new city after King William IV of England. The King suggested it be named ‘Adelaide’ after his Queen and the main street was given the name of King William.

  • Real McCoy Bourbon

    Some people always find a way. Bill McCoy was that kind of man. During the American era of prohibition he smuggled the finest liquor to a grateful public. He became famous for dealing in the genuine article, giving us the expression, ‘The Real McCoy’.

  • Step Rd

    Step Rd delivers award-winning contemporary varietals with a strong regional edge. Our winery is located in Langhorne Creek, one of Australia’s oldest wine regions situated along the bountiful Lake Alexandrina in South Australia. Step Rd wines show true varietal and regional character with persistence and finesse. Passionately vibrant wines ‑ crafted with spirit.

  • Press+Bloom

    Press + Bloom is about dichotomies. The blending of science and art. When knowledge meets imagination. When skill is combined with creativity. The end result ‒ a fusion of craft.

  • Three Oaks Cider

    The Three Oaks Cider Co. is crafted by winemakers at Step Road Winery in the highly regarded Langhorne Creek Wine Region, South Australia. This South Australian owned and produced brand prides itself on its hands on approach by winemakers to ensure a high quality cider to be shared and enjoyed.

  • Tolleys

    Distilled from Australian wine and matured in barrel for a minimum of 2 years, TST Tolleys Brandy is a smooth, palatable brandy that can be enjoyed as an ideal mixer or a cocktail ingredient.

  • Twenty Third Street

    Our historic Twenty Third Street distillery, built in 1914, has been resurrected with twenty-first century technology. Century old copper stills are reignited with a spirit of anarchic in vention. Our Master Distillery captures the spirit of riverside relaxation intersected with energetic invention. We’re charting new flavour territories with old-school craftsmanship to bring you sensory pleasures savoury and sweet, bright and smooth, contradictory yet united. Twenty Third Street. Prime spirits for the liberated palate.

  • Vale Brewing

    Founded as the McLaren Vale Beer Company in 2008, we kicked off contract brewing small runs of the original VALE ALE. We’ve since expanded our core range to include the LAGER, the IPA, the AMBER and the GOLDEN while getting creative with short batches of EXPs and Limited Editions along the way.

  • Vickers

    In Regency-era London, brothers John and Joseph Vickers created a drink of exceptional refinement and purity. Their distillery, J & J Vickers and Co. was first registered in 1813.

  • Vok Liqueurs

    VOK liqueurs provoke the art of celebration bringing flavour, colour and aroma to life in a creative cocktail experience. Established in the 1950’s VOK’s premium quality product offers infinite choices as a base drink and for mixing exotic cocktails.

  • Vok Ready to Serve

    Vok cocktails are a simple and easy way to create delicious cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Using only the finest ingredients, including Bickford's Australia’s premium juice range, the ready to serve cocktail range exemplifies simply inspired creations.