Beresford Estate Accommodation

Stunning views and rest for the soul at Beresford Estate. Choose between a villa or suite. Book at Beresford Estate and savour award-winning wine, excellent cuisine & serene nature.

Beresford House - Weddings

This family-owned treasure is now being shared for weddings, so you too can experience the beauty of the region & the luxury of this majestic venue. Your day can incorporate the entire Beresford House, where you can create unique experiences that last beyond just a single day. 

Luxury accommodation is included and perfect for the bridal party, family members and other important guests. We’ll work closely with you to transform our majestic venue into your unforgettable wedding experience.

Grand Reserve Shiraz 2015

The Beresford grand reserve shiraz is the pinnacle of our commitment to the world-famous McLaren Vale wine region. It brings together the most exceptional grapes from meticulously selected low-yielding vineyard sites from various sub-regions within the district.

23rd Street - VODKA

Five times distilled and mixed with the best Australian sugarcane molasses, rainwater and small batch fermented for a silky finish, Australian Vodka is one of 23rd Street Distillery’s most prized creations . It has a beautifully smooth mouthfeel with evidence of sweetness from its sugarcane origins, perfect with your favourite mixer or cocktails. 

For a different flavour note, the Riverland Rose Vodka is made by Valentine-red ‘Mr Lincoln’ rose petals gathered from the iconic Ruston’s Roses in the Riverland for a seductive rose flavour hint. The fresh aroma is reminiscent of a freshly mowed lawn in summer, and the rounded taste comes from the heavenly essence of the petals. 

Yuzu Gin & Mulberry Gin

🍋Yuzu Gin🍋 The beginning of an assembly of aromatics the 23rd Street Yuzu Gin is our burst of citrus and refreshing spice melange. Single orchard sourced Australian Yuzu, Buddah’s Hand, Blood Orange & Cara Cara Navels grow together for this distinctive gin. Grab a bottle via the link in bio.

💜Mulberry Gin💜 We are absolutely mad for mulberry, these tart-sweet juice bombs were steeped in juniper for 48 hours then took a quick, fresh dip in some orange zest.

23rd Street - Australian Vodka & Soda

Zesty, fresh and sparkling. Twenty Third Street’s Australian Vodka offers subtle sweetness. Pure soda water elevates and freshens, while blood orange supports with a vibrant citrus flavour. 

Australian Vodka & Soda is perfectly crafted with a balance of our Australian Vodka, soda water and a hint of blood orange.

Australian Single Malt Whisky

Australian Single Malt Whisky: Our third all-Australian Whisky release: the youngster stretches its legs. This is the distiller’s art of mastery plus patience, wrought in copper and oak for a minimum of 3 years. Whispers of Kangaroo Island’s rippling barley fields, and the purifying heights of six-metre stills. Remembrances of golden Riverland summers. Savour with all your senses.  

Signature Gin and Tonic

We provide two types of Signature Gin & Tonic: Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic!

Signature Gin & Tonic: Vibrant, dimensional and sparkling. Twenty Third Street’s Signature Gin is bursting with Riverland citrus flavours and aromatics. No sugar tonic elevates and freshens, adding a classic bitterness.

Non-Alcoholic Signature Gin and Tonic: Subtract the alcohol, but not the expectations. Our beloved Signature G&T, with the alcohol whisked away. Master-distilled botanicals and Riverland citrus mingle with superior no sugar sparkling tonic. Vibrant and dimensional, for the more demanding palate.

23rd Street Distillery Restaurant

The Distillery Restaurant at Twenty Third street distils fresh Riverland produce, artisanal goods and modern flair into a relaxed, contemporary dining experience. Our chefs pride themselves in authentic, traditional wood-oven pizzas. Expect creative use of our Twenty Third Street spirit flavours, local indigenous ingredients, international influences and family-friendly choices.

Lunch 7 Days 11:30am-3pm
Dinner Thurs-Sat from 6pm

23rd Street - Experiences

We have a range of experiences on offer to open your mind and senses to new dimensions.

Take a behind the scenes tour of our Distillery and learn firsthand how we create our spirits followed by a guided tasting of our range. Be a Distiller for the day and blend your own bespoke Gin, age your own Whisky or learn to mix the perfect cocktail with our Cocktail Masterclasses.